What is SCell in 5g?

PSCell: Primary Secondary Cell (spCell of a secondary cell group) SCell: Secondary Cell. Note: Special Cell is abbreviated as spCell.

What is scell?

A method of radio link monitoring (RLM) and radio link failure (RLF) handling over a secondary serving cell (SCELL) is proposed. … The UE also performs radio link monitoring over a secondary serving cell (SCELL). The SCELL belongs to a CC group of one or more CCs, and used as a reference cell for the CC group.

What is MCG and SCG in 5G?

MCG ( Master Cell Group ) Bearer. SCG ( Secondary Cell Group ) Bearer.

What is master cell group?

Master Cell Group is a group of serving cells associated with the MeNB, comprising of the PCell and optionally one or more SCells. Secondary Cell Group is a group of serving cells associated with the SeNB, comprising of PCell and optionally one or more SCells.

What is MCG bearer?

A MCG bearer is a radio bearer that is served only by the MeNB, as the Radio Bearer #1 in Fig. … Therefore, for these two types of bearers, when a radio bearer is configured, it can only be transmitted from or towards either the MeNB or the SeNB involved in the DC configuration [2].

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What is PCell and SCell in LTE?

The configured multiple serving cells (primary cell (PCell) and secondary cell (SCell)) are aggregated together to serve the UE. The PCell perform random access (RA) procedure, radio link monitoring (RLM), handover procedure and PUCCH transmission.

What is carrier aggregation in 5g?

Carrier aggregation lets mobile carriers combine separate channels to increase bandwidth and provide faster speeds than could be achieved with just a single channel. … Carrier aggregation currently allows for the combination of up to five channels, and in general, the more channels that can be combined, the better.

What is NR DC in 5G?

NR-DC is a Dual Connectivity configuration using the 5GC, whereby both the master and secondary RAN nodes are 5G gNBs.

What is en DC in 5G?

In 5G NR EN-DC term stands for E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity. The 5G EN-DC has been introduced in 3GPP release 15. The term EN-DC (Evolved-Universal Terrestrial Radio Access-New Radio) refers to E-UTRA NR Dual connectivity.

What is dual connectivity in 5G?

5G networks, which were designed from the ground up to support all manner of spectrum aggregation and sharing, are today tightly linked to LTE networks and a technology called dual connectivity is allowing operators to supercharge non-standalone 5G.

What is SCG failure in 5G?

SCG Integrity Failure: When reconfiguration message received over SRB3 and its integrity check failed then UE trigger SCG failure with failure type set as srb3-IntegrityFailure. If same condition occur for the reconfiguration message received over SRB1 then UE trigger the re-establishment here.

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What is DC in LTE?

Dual connectivity (DC) is a LTE Rel-12 feature for small cell enhancement. Similar to carrier aggregation (CA), it aims to utilize the radio resource within multiple carriers to improve UE throughput. … In CA implementation, user traffic is split between carriers in MAC; while in DC implementation, it is split in PDCP.

What is MCG and SCG in LTE?

Abstract— Dual Connectivity in LTE network can significantly improve per-user throughput and mobility robustness by allowing users to be connected simultaneously to master cell group (MCG) and secondary cell group (SCG) via MeNB (master eNB) and SeNB (secondary eNB), respectively.

What is a radio bearer in LTE?

Bearer is just a virtual concept. It defines how the UE data/signaling are treated when it travels across the network. Network might treat some data in a special way and treat others normally. Radio Bearer Types.

What is LTE NR?

5G NR (New Radio) is a new radio access technology (RAT) developed by 3GPP for the 5G (fifth generation) mobile network. It was designed to be the global standard for the air interface of 5G networks. The 3GPP specification 38 series provides the technical details behind NR, the RAT beyond LTE.

What is dual connectivity?

Dual connectivity enables UE to have two separate connections to an MeNB of macro cells and an SeNB of small cells, simultaneously. The CA defined in 3GPP Rel-10/11 also allows UE to have multiple connections to multiple serving cells (i.e., the macro and small cells) to increase per-user throughput.

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