How can I improve my Rsrp in LTE?

How can I improve my LTE smart signal?

Change Your Location

  1. Move up a floor (or multiple floors). Signal tends to be better on higher floors, as you’re able to clear obstructions closer to ground level. …
  2. Move closer to a window. …
  3. Go outside. …
  4. Move to higher ground. …
  5. Find our where your closest cell tower is.

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How can I speed up my LTE?

How to Speed Up Your Phone’s Data

  1. Download performance boosting apps like Clean Master, Systweak Android Cleaner, or DU Speed Booster to help clear your phone run more efficiently.
  2. Check your network settings and for connection issues.
  3. Disable or uninstall unused apps and widget.
  4. Update apps.
  5. Install an ad blocker.

What is a good Rsrp level?

Signal quality

RF Quality RSRP (dbm) RSRQ (dB)
Excellent >= -80 >= -10
Good -80 to -90 -10 to -15
‘Mid Cell’ -90 to -100 -15 to -20
‘Cell Edge’ < -100 < -20

How do I get the best LTE signal in my house?

Some Apps to Find your Signal Strength for Android and iPhone users

  1. LTE Discovery. This is one of the best signal detection and analysis instruments out there. …
  2. Network Cell Info Lite. Network Cell Info provides the location of your signal on a map. …
  3. Open Signal. …
  4. Network Signal Pro. …
  5. Root Metrics.
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What is a good signal strength for LTE?

RSRP – The average power received from a single Reference signal, and Its typical range is around -44dbm (good) to -140dbm(bad). RSRQ – Indicates quality of the received signal, and its range is typically -19.5dB(bad) to -3dB (good).

Is 4G and LTE is the same?

LTE, sometimes known as 4G LTE, is a type of 4G technology. Short for “Long Term Evolution”, it’s slower than “true” 4G, but significantly faster than 3G, which originally had data rates measured in kilobits per second, rather than megabits per second.

Why is my LTE so slow?

Many factors can result in slow LTE service. These include weather, network congestion, and even solar activity. But chief among these are geography and buildings. If you’re in a remote area, or there are a lot of natural barriers around you (such as hills, mountains, and valleys), they can affect your signal.

Does changing APN increase Internet speed?

Method 2: Change APN settings

Change the APN Settings as shown below. After changing the APN settings, download Snap VPN app from the Google Play Store. … This should improve your downloading speed but not browsing speed.

How can I boost my phone’s signal?

  1. Find out which part of the house has the best reception. …
  2. Get Away from Obstructions and Interference. …
  3. Avoid crowds & public events. …
  4. Keep your battery fully charged. …
  5. Use WiFi Calling on Android or iPhone. …
  6. Femtocell & Microcell. …
  7. Cell Phone Signal Boosters & Repeaters. …
  8. Change Carriers.
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Why is Sinr poor?

Poor SINR is a result of too many towers transmitting on the same signal at your location. Repeaters are a huge increase.

What is a good dBm?

Ideal Signal Strength

For higher-throughput applications like voice over IP or streaming video, -67 dBm is better, and some engineers recommend -65 dBm if you plan to support mobile devices like iPhones and Android tablets.

How SNR is calculated in LTE?

SNR in LTE Print

The SNR is defined as the power of signal divided by the sum of the interference power and the power of background noise. Transmit Power is an input parameter that can be set in the UI (UE properties).

How do I test my LTE signal strength?

Dial *3001#12345#* and press the Call button. This will launch the Field Test Mode app and where the bars/dots were in the top left corner of the screen, you’ll now see a negative number. The negative number is the decibel signal strength reading and should be followed by the carrier name and then the network type.

Is there an app that boosts signal?

Some apps we like best are OpenSignal [For iPhone | For Android] and RootMetrics [For iPhone | For Android]. These apps help you find the nearest cell tower, so that you can get a signal of a much better quality. Another way to detect a cell tower is to use your smartphone.

How do I turn LTE off?

Enable or Disable 4G Connection

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Scroll to and tap Settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap Mobile networks.
  4. Tap Network mode. Tap CDMA to disable 4G LTE, 3G access only. Tap LTE/CDMA or Automatic to enable 4G LTE when available.
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