Does Public Mobile offer LTE?

Public Mobile is a discount prepaid-only carrier that runs on the Telus network. … The Telus high-speed 4G-LTE network provides extensive coverage, but every cell phone plan from Public Mobile is limited to “3G speed” data, which may be too slow for many users who rely heavily on their phones.

Does public mobile support VoLTE?

Public Mobile doesn’t offer VoLTE.

What LTE bands does public mobile use?

Re: Phone compatibility with Public Mobile

Public Mobile uses the following frequency bands: 4G LTE and LTE Advanced: 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2100 MHz downlink and 1700 MHz uplink (AWS).

How do I get LTE network?

First, swipe up on the home screen and tap on the Settings icon, and then tap on the Network & Internet selection. You should then tap on the Mobile Network menu, and then tap on the Advanced option. Finally, tap on the LTE selection for 4G access.

Is public mobile better than freedom Mobile?

The only big difference is Freedom is LTE and 500MB/month vs Public Mobile’s 3G and 1GB/month. Use data sparingly, so probably wouldn’t reach 500MB anyway, however, the extra wiggle is nice. … I use Public Mobile and have been extremely happy with pricing and coverage, no issues whatsoever.

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Does koodo have VoLTE?

Koodo launched VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling exactly one month ago, but support was limited to the LG V30 Android phone. … So, here’s something cool: Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE is available for Koodo customers with the Android LG V30 or an iPhone 6 or newer!

Who is the carrier for Public Mobile?

Public Mobile uses the Telus Mobility 4G LTE network.

Can I use public mobile in USA?

Public Mobile now offers US roaming coverage of all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. … View available roaming add-ons at our roaming section found here. You can activate the add-ons using your Self Serve account or by dialing 1-855-4PUBLIC, and following the prompts.

How can I recharge my public mobile?

Go to or call *611 from your Public Mobile phone. Payment Vouchers are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Once deposited into your account, the payment value is valid as long as your account is active.

Is LTE better than 4G LTE?

LTE-A is a more robust version. They still don’t reach true 4G speeds. It is possible to get closer to the 4G standards with newer technology, but most of the time, you are probably not going to see a huge difference. The LTE network needs to be upgraded to handle higher 4G speeds as well.

How do I set LTE only?

How to Force ‘4G Only’ on your Android Phone

  1. ‘4G Only’ Apps:
  2. Dialing*#*#4636#*#* or *#36446337#:
  3. For Huawei Phones:

Why does my phone say LTE instead of 4G?

Both LTE and HSPA+ are defined by the ITU as “4G” networks. The decision to display “4G” and “LTE” on phones (not just the iPhone) is largely a marketing decision. LTE is 4G.

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Is public mobile any good?

Public Mobile uses the Telus Mobility network. That’s a really good thing, because Telus is one of the fastest, largest, and most reliable cell phone networks in Canada. Even though you will connect to a 4G LTE network, your downloads will not be full speed. … While download speeds may be slow, Public Mobile is cheap.

Does Public Mobile have unlimited data?

Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB for $25/30 days is now $30/30 days. Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB for $40/30 days is now 2.5GB. Unlimited Talk, Text and 6.5GB for $45/30 days is now 4.5GB.

Does Public Mobile have 5G?

Prepaid carriers like Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile and Chatr offer discounted service with slower data speeds, so customers won’t be able to take advantage of 5G speeds in the foreseeable future.

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