What is the access for iPhone 4G LTE W Vvm?

That Access is almost the same price as the phone installment itself! That sounds normal. That is the line access fee. Current plans are broken down this way, you’ll pay a base cost for the plan itself, then a line access fee for each line on that plan.

What is the charge for access for iPhone 4G LTE W Vvm?

The monthly plan charge is $100, monthly device access charge is $50(for phone), the discount you get from autopay and paperless bill is $10 and the phone line discount you get (according to the number of lines you have opted).

What does access for iPhone 4G LTE W Vvm mean?

It is a line rent charge through which you get access to the services. Because without a line, you cannot avail of any data plan on your smartphone. Why Do AT&T Users Have To Pay Line Access Fee? The line access fee for smartphones for 4G LTE w/ visual voicemail is monthly charges that every user has to pay.

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What is Vvm on my AT&T bill?

You state, “The fee you’re seeing is a line access fee, and visual voicemail is one of the included features. There is no separate charge for it, and while the visual voicemail can be disabled, it won’t reduce the monthly change for that line.” Why is it on one line of the five lines we have?

What Is a VVM charge?

That is your line fee for unlimited talk and text. VVM is only listed because it is an iPhone.

Why is my line access fee $40?

Lines with a $40 line access fee are currently under a 2 yr service contract for purchasing a discounted device. Once you complete your contract, it will automatically drop to $20/month.

Why do I have to pay a line access fee?

Smartphone line access fees are monthly charges levied by your cellular provider that allow you to access their network. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), companies can charge these fees to recover the costs incurred by providing access to their networks to make and receive calls.

What is smartphone 4G LTE W Vvm?

Smartphone Line Access – 4G LTE with Visual Voice Mail. Basically an Android phone with visual voice mail’s IMEI was used to provision the line at one point. The store may have used a dummy IMEI so don’t be shocked if that wasn’t the phone you used.

What is access for iPhone with visual voicemail?

Visual Voicemail is an application that allows subscribers to view caller and voicemail information and listen to voicemail messages in any order on their devices. Scroll through your messages, pick the ones you want to listen to, and erase them right from your device screen.

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What is Vvm over WIFI?

Visual voice mail (VVM) is a voicemail with a visual interface presenting a visual list of messages for playback. … Apple’s iPhone was the first smartphone that included this visual voicemail, in 2007. After Apple, more companies adopted VVM, such as Samsung and Blackberry.

Do I have to pay for Visual Voicemail AT&T?

For example, wireless and AT&T PREPAID℠ (formerly GoPhone®) data plans for compatible smartphones include Visual Voicemail at no additional charge. Basic Voicemail comes with your plan if you have a wireless or AT&T PREPAID phone without a data plan or Wireless Home Phone.

Do I get charged for visual voicemail?

Basic Visual Voicemail on Android and iPhone are free and included with your smartphone plan.

How do I get rid of AT&T Visual Voicemail?

  1. Sign in to your account using the myAT&T app 1
  2. Select My plans & features.
  3. Select Home Phone.
  4. Select Manage phone features & settings.
  5. Tap Voicemail PIN and activation and toggle voicemail On or Off.
  6. Save your changes.
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