How many phone numbers can you store on a SIM card?

The number of contacts and messages stored depends on the SIM; early models stored as few as five messages and 20 contacts, while modern SIM cards can usually store over 250 contacts.

Can you have two phone numbers on one SIM card?

You can have two phone numbers on one device. … You can use one number for work, and the other for your personal life. You can insert a travel SIM (for a network that’s local) to make cheaper calls and avoid data roaming charges abroad.

How many contacts can MTN Sim hold?

MTN Backup is a service that provides you a simple way to keep your phone and SIM contacts safe on a secure MTN online account. How does it work? It enables you to save both the contacts on your SIM and handset. You can backup up to 200 contacts on your SIM and up to 5000 contacts on your mobile phone.

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How many contacts can a Safaricom SIM card hold?

It holds 250 contacts.

Can you store contacts on a SIM card?

You can add all your contacts to a Google account. … If you have a SIM card with contacts saved on it, you can import them to your Google account. Insert the SIM card into your device.

Can you have multiple numbers on one phone?

It’s pretty straightforward: you sign up for an account and select a phone number, which you get to pick from several choices based on the area code you want. Once that’s done, it’s $10 per month for unlimited texts and inbound calls, 5,000 outbound minutes, call screening, and a few other features.

Can I have 2 numbers on my iPhone?

Whatever your reasons for maintaining two phone numbers, the good news is that it’s possible to do this without lugging around two handsets. You can use two SIMs with the same phone; or you can use one of the various apps and carrier services that manage two numbers from a single SIM.

How can I get my numbers back?

Restore contacts from backups

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Google.
  3. Under “Services,” tap Restore contacts.
  4. If you have multiple Google Accounts, to choose which account’s contacts to restore, tap From account.
  5. Tap the phone with the contacts to copy.

How can I get my old MTN number back?

To get your number back, you will need to do a sim swop. To do a sim swap you need to purchase a new sim card either from Afrihost or MTN. Please note that if you purchase you sim card from MTN it may expire after 90 days if you haven’t loaded MTN airtime within that 90 days.

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How do I retrieve phone numbers?

How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Number on Android from Gmail

  1. Go to Google Contacts and login to your Google account. …
  2. Then you will get the time options where you can choose the exact time when you have synced your contacts.
  3. Select the backups you wish to restore, then click the Restore button to begin the process.

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How many contacts can I save on my phone?

Your contacts can be limited to the amount of memory your android phone has. All contacts are stored on your phone memory and they don’t take up a lot of space. For-example, 1gb of space could store millions of contacts, There is no limit to how many contacts you can save on your phone.

How many contacts do I have in my phone?

Open your contacts and pull down the menu and tick delete. Go to the top left and check selected and it will show the total.

How do I retrieve my contacts from my SIM card?

Steps to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android SIM Card

  1. Step 1: Connect Your Android device. First, launch Android Data Recovery software on computer and choose ‘Data Recovery’
  2. Step 2: Choose file types to Scan. …
  3. Step 3: Preview and restore lost data from Android phone.

How do I know if my contacts are saved on my phone or SIM?

I don’t know if it’s the same on all Android phones, but on Samsung phones you can open the Contacts app., tap on a contact, then choose “Edit”. At the very top of the contact on the “Edit” screen, it will show you if the contact is in your device memory, SIM card, or to which Google account it’s linked.

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Should I save contacts to SIM or Phone?

The benefit of saving directly to the SIM is that you can take out your SIM and pop it into a new phone and you’ll instantly have your contacts with you. The downside is that all contacts are stored locally on the SIM and not backed-up. This means if you lose or damage your phone or SIM, the contacts will be lost.

What happens if you take out your SIM card and put it in another phone?

It contains all your contacts and settings, and it’s linked to your account. You can take the SIM card out, put it into another phone, and if someone calls your number, the new phone will ring. … The SIM card won’t work in other phones, and the phone won’t work with other SIM cards.

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