How do you take out a SIM card from a Samsung Galaxy S4?

How do you open the back of a Samsung Galaxy S4?

Removing the Back Cover of Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Put your phone on a clean and soft flat surface.
  2. Position the fingernail of your index finger in the small gap at the upper-right corner of your phone. …
  3. Gently, from the gap, lift the cover up by semi-flipping it to the right side by about 30 degrees.

How do you open a Samsung Galaxy SIM card?

How to Insert a SIM card:

  1. 1 Insert the ejection pin into the hole on the SIM tray to loosen the tray. …
  2. 2 Gently pull the SIM tray from the tray slot.
  3. 3 Place the SIM card on the SIM tray with the gold-coloured contacts facing downwards.
  4. 4 Press the SIM card into the tray to secure it.
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Can a Samsung Galaxy S4 be unlocked?

Your Galaxy S4 will now reboot automatically, which might take a few minutes. Once it’s back on, the network will be unlocked, allowing you to use any SIM card that will work in your model phone. You’re welcome.

How do you remove a SIM card from a phone without the tool?

Using a paper clip, thumbtack, or a push pin

For those who don’t have a SIM tray ejector on hand, the humble paper clip is one of the best alternatives. Just bend one of its ends and you’re good to go! But make sure you use a paper clip thin enough to fit into the tray’s hole.

How do I open the back of my Samsung phone?

To remove the back cover, simply locate the notch on the side of your Galaxy phone. Then, use your fingernail or a guitar pick to pry it up and away from your phone until it’s completely removed.

How do I turn my Samsung phone on?

The Power button: The Power button is on the top-right side of the phone. Press it for a second, and the screen lights up. Press it for a second while the phone is on and the phone goes into sleep mode. To shut down the phone completely, simply press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.

Can I take my SIM card out and put it in another phone?

You can take the SIM card out, put it into another phone, and if someone calls your number, the new phone will ring. You can also put a different SIM card in your unlocked phone, and your phone will then work with whatever phone number and account is linked to that card.

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Where is SIM card on Samsung phone?

Power off the device and then locate the release notch. Remove the back cover using the notch. Remove the battery using the notch located at the bottom of the compartment. The SIM card goes in the bottom slot and the SD card rests on top of the SIM card.

Can I use my old SIM card in my new Samsung Galaxy?

As long as it fits in your new phone, you can use your old SIM card in your new phone, according to AT&T.

How do I unlock my Galaxy S4 without losing my data?

Hard Reset Samsung Mobile. Wipe all data on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active mobile. Unlock password without data loss. Samsung Mobile recover the password.

  1. Afterward, click on the Erase device option and you will see the Erase all data menu.
  2. Finally, Tap on the Erase option.
  3. Successfully unlocked your Mobile.

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How do you unlock a Galaxy S4 without a PIN?

What to do if you’ve forgotten your Galaxy S4’s PIN/Password ?

  1. Power off your Galaxy S4.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release all buttons as soon as you see the Samsung Galaxy S4 logo.
  4. In the Android system recovery mode, use the volume rocker to highlight wipe data/factory reset, and then press the Power button to select.

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How do I put Samsung in service mode?

  1. Click on your phone icon as if you are going to place. a call.
  2. Enter *#0011#
  3. Your phone will enter Service Mode.
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What do I do if I can’t get my SIM card out?

Use a paper clip or ejection tool to press the eject button and ideally the tray will function again. If this fails, turn the phone upside down so the tray is facing the ground and press the ejection button several times. The extra force of gravity may help the tray spring loose.

What can I use to remove SIM card?


  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Find the small hole for the SIM card tray.
  3. Insert the SIM ejection tool that comes with the phone into the hole and push firmly but gently until the tray pops out.
  4. Remove the tray and the SIM card on it.
  5. Carefully re-position the tray in the slot and push it gently back into the phone.
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