Can I use my metro pcs SIM card in any phone?

Just this morning, however, MetroPCS quietly debuted its new Bring Your Own Phone program, which allows subscribers to use unlocked GSM phones on the carriers’ combined networks. … Once you’ve unlocked your phone, you must purchase a MetroPCS-branded SIM card in order to get your phone on the network.

Can I put my metro SIM card in another phone?

Can I transfer my Metro PCS SIM card to another Metro PCS phone? Yes as long as both phones use the same kind of sim card- I.e. you can’t put a regular sized SIM card into a nano size SIM slot.

What phones are compatible with MetroPCS SIM cards?

SIM Card Terms. Only T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s iPhones, and Verizon’s and Sprint’s iPhone 5 and higher will work on our network. BYOD phones may have limited functionality, including coverage limitations. Capable device required to achieve LTE speeds.

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What phones are compatible with Metro PCS?

AT&T phones have GSM bands so any android, iPhone or Windows phone that has been network unlocked from AT&T should work on Metro PCS.

Are MetroPCS SIM cards locked?

MetroPCS annoyingly locks each phone account sim to a specific phone (more money for them when you need to switch handsets).

Can I put my MetroPCS SIM card in an unlocked phone?

Once you’ve unlocked your phone, you must purchase a MetroPCS-branded SIM card in order to get your phone on the network. … We’ve already reviewed the Optimus L9 on T-Mobile, which managed to nab a spot on our list of The Best Android Phones for its mix of price and performance.

How do I switch my metro service to another phone?

“All current Metro customers can now complete a device (IMEI) change free of charge by calling 611, *228 or 888-8metro8 and using our automated system,” says Metro. Because your SIM card is linked to your phone’s IMEI on Metro by T-Mobile, you need to contact customer service when you want to change phones.

Are Metro PCS phones unlocked?

Before Unlocking: Metro Phone Unlock Requirements

Unlike the majority of wireless carriers, Metro’s unlock requirements are refreshingly simple—and minimal. To be eligible to unlock a Metro phone, your phone must: Be a Metro by T-Mobile/MetroPCS phone. Metro can’t unlock devices from other carriers.

Can I activate my MetroPCS phone online?

Activating a New Phone

There are three ways you can activate your new Metro by T-Mobile phone: In store. Online. By calling 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768)

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How do you check if my phone is compatible with MetroPCS?

Use the IMEI number to check if your phone is compatible with Metro by T-Mobile’s network. Once your compatible phone is unlocked, purchase a Metro SIM Card and choose a Metro rate plan. Replace your old cell phone provider’s SIM card in your phone with the new Metro SIM Card after you have activated your Metro plan.

How can I activate a MetroPCS phone without paying?

MetroPCS allows phone activation even without service. All you need to do is call MetroPCS customer care number and they will activate your phone without paying. The other way is by visiting their store.

What’s the difference between T Mobile and MetroPCS?

MetroPCS is a prepaid service owned by T-Mobile; it also uses T-Mobile’s fast-performing cellular network. MetroPCS offers a wider variety of plans than T-Mobile’s lone unlimited plan, and each of those MetroPCS options will cost you less than what you’d pay at the Uncarrier.

How do I activate an unlocked phone with Metro PCS?

Activate a Metro device

  1. Activate your phone by dialing 228 on your Metro device.
  2. Follow the instructions and enter your account information.
  3. You will need to pay your first bill and then your phone should be activated.

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What is a SIM card PUK for Metro PCS?

A PUK is a second level of security on a SIM card. The PUK code is unique to the SIM inside the phone and not the phone itself.

What is the PIN to unlock SIM service provider?

The default PIN number is 1234. 7 When the SIM card lock is activated, you can tap “Change SIM card PIN” to change to a new PIN number.

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How do I switch SIM cards on Metro PCS?

Once your data and settings have been transferred from one phone to the other, and the SIM cards have been switched out, then you’ll go to the MetroPCS website and click on Change/Upgrade Phone. Follow the instructions there, and in a few simple steps, you should be good to go.

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